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How to organise sustainable meetings & events in Brussels - A practical guide

Brussels is one of the most international cities in the world. The ‘Capital of Europe’ hosts 40,000 EU employees, hundreds of permanent representations including over 300 representations of EU regional and local authorities and between 15.000 and
20.000 lobbyists. No wonder the city has around 66,000 registered meetings per year!

This figure multiplied by the amount of drinks, food, travel, paper, water and waste per person represents an enormous impact on the environment. On the other hand it also offers an incredible opportunity for Brussels and its multiple offices to be leading examples in the organisation of sustainable meetings and events.

The Guide provides specific tips for selecting venues, preparing conference material, organising food/catering services, accommodation/sustainable hotels, waste (for example, what to do with perfectly edible food leftovers), transport and mobility tips (for example, bicycle points in Brussels).