9 October 2019

How to work together with citizens towards a low-carbon society

Energy transitions from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources demand more than just technological solutions. Meaningful changes in energy systems require engaging people, and technological solutions must be utilitsed with social realities in mind to achieve higher quality of life for people.

The SMARTEES project, for which ICLEI Europe is a partner, will examine this theme through a webinar series titled 'What’s new in social innovation and energy transitions?' The series considers the social and political nature of energy transitions through the lens of social innovation.

Throughout the webinar series, 10 examples of social innovations in cities and islands will be used to illustrate and uncover insights into how new forms of energy use have been invented and developed.

The series begins with the webinar 'Local Leadership, or From Usual Suspects to Local Heroes: how to work together with your citizens towards a low-carbon society,' which will take place on 13 November from 11:00-12:00 CET. The speakers include practitioners and researchers who will discuss:

  • People at the heart of transitions: networks of social innovation
  • What can local governments do to engage and empower their population?
  • What are the main patterns and differences among successful transitions?

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