2nd RAMSES Training Event

3 - 4 April 2017
Bonn, Germany

The EU-funded RAMSES project will hold a training event for cities this April, showing participants how to use the RAMSES project results to support their local adaptation planning.

Cities will learn how to:

- Calculate the impacts of climate change on public health and the costs connected to them, as well as identify adaptation measures to counteract them

- Assess the effect of different adaptation options on a city’s economy

- Select between different adaptation pathways and elaborate a vision for a more climate resilient future

- Make use of the RAMSES Audiovisual guidance, developed by the Climate Media Factory

Presenters include representatives of ICLEI, the London School of Economics, Tecnalia and the World Health Organisation.

The training is exclusively open to cities and is free of charge. Limited funds for reimbursing travel and accommodation costs are available.

Registration is now available via our online registration form.