Setting the standard: Energy Management for Sustainable Action Plans

Breakfast meeting

28 February 2017, 09:00 - 12:30
Brussels, Belgium- House of North and Central Denmark - Avenue de Tervuren 35, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

International Standards can encourage the development and implementation of holistic and integrated approaches to sustainable development and sustainability.

ISO50001 and other energy management standards can facilitate municipalities’ efforts to use energy more efficiently in all sectors. These standards lay out how to establish, implement, maintain and improve an EnMS, enabling an organisation to improve energy performance in the areas of efficiency, security, and consumption. It supports organisations to reduce their energy use, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions while improving environmental management.

How do standards facilitate the achievement of sustainable development, taking into account smartness and resilience, through the development of requirements, frameworks, guidance and supporting techniques and tools?

How can standards help to demonstrate the effective implementation of SEAPs and engage the local community, allowing local Authorities to improve their understanding of collective energy needs and communicate better on the environment and energy efficiency?

How can standards help in defining performance indicators to monitor the process and results and improve energy management?

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