CARE North Final Conference

20 - 21 March 2012
Bremen, Germany

At a time when the North Sea Region is working to deal with the effects of climate change, the traditional understanding of transport is leading to a continued increase in CO2 emissions, undermining other climate protection efforts.

The Carbon Responsible Transport Strategies for the North Sea Area (CARE-North) project has developed innovative carbon reduction strategies for urban and regional transport to maintain and improve accessibility in a more carbon-responsible way, particularly in the context of climate change and declining oil supplies.

All the cities involved in CARE-North have developed and implemented lighthouse projects, which has allowed for an analysis of the drivers and barriers to their potential replication in cities across Europe. The final CARE-North conference presented the outcomes of the project and discussed comprehensive and practical approaches.

International experts linked the topic to the EU perspective, as well as to the Rio+20 process. The conference was free of charge and took place in ICLEI member city Bremen (Germany), where site visits showcased the city's post-fossil fuel transport strategies among others.